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Peruvian Pima Cotton

INTIFIL Pima cotton is genuine Peruvian Pima cotton (Gossypium barbadense), grown and spun in Peru. The white, fluffy cotton bolls contrast against the background of the arid coast in the Piura and Chira valleys in northern Peru. The climate and soil conditions there are perfect, with ideal seasonal rainfall, long days of Peruvian sunshine and high temperatures. We offer Peruvian Pima cotton from Ne 16 to Ne 140, single or plied, classical or fancy, raw white and dyed

organic peruvian pima cotton yarns

Organic-Cotton Project

The Organic-Cotton Project involves cooperation with more than 90 Peruvian farmers who engage in non-conventional cotton farming in order to grow their cotton on certified land in the Chincha and Lambayeque valleys in Peru, producing Tangüis and Pima cotton. Organic cotton has the advantage of being produced in a land free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants. The organic standards do not allow the use of GMOS. Peru has a ban on GMO seeds, which reduces the risk of contamination that exists in other cotton-producing countries.

INTIFIL offers the following yarns:

  • Organic Tangüis from Ne 1/8 to Ne 1/40 ecru, dyed and heathers
  • Organic Peruvian Pima from Ne 1/20 to Ne 1/60 ecru, dyed and heathers
  • Organic color-grown from Ne 1/20 to Ne 1/40

All yarns are GOTS certified.

organic peruvian pima cotton yarns